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Yamaha Revstar RS502 P90

Yamaha Revstar RS502 P90

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Someone once called this a poor mans Les Paul, well let me set the record straight, this is not a "poor mans" anything! Yes it is very reasonably priced but in no way is that a reflection of the quality, these are awesome and often overlooks guitars.

Yamaha have always made a solid quality instrument but have missed out on the endorsements of mega stars, so the brand slips under the radar far to often.  This is a P90 monster, the shape somewhere between the old school Yamaha SG and a more modern SG, it balances well and plays with ease thanks to the accuracy of the build. Controls are simple with master volume and tone plus a 3 way selector. there is a push/pull tone pot with bass cut to brighten up the tones.

This one is a brushed/satin black finish with brushed nickel hardware, it looks like something that should cost in excess of £1,000, and in honesty feel like that too.
No issues with this one and it comes with the original Yamaha heavy duty gig bag.

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