Welcome to the most popular centre in Sussex for guitar repairs 

We are one of the longest established guitar repair centres in the county, with a history running back decades.
You are welcome to drop in any time with your instrument to have it brought up to its ultimate playing capability. We can offer a very wide range of services in store, with a fast turn around and down to earth prices. All work is carried out in our shop on our comprehensive guitar repair work benches. Quick turn around times ensure you can keep playing and rest assured your guitar will be well loved a handled with respect and care while we work on it.

We are happy to offer the following services...

  • Set ups
  • Fret Stoning and profiling
  • Electrical guitar repairs
  • Electrical modifications
  • Rewiring
  • Pickup fitting
  • Neck breaks
  • Floyd Rose servicing
  • Parts and hardware replacement
  • Complete builds
  • Neck de-glossing - Satin finish
  • Nut making/cutting and fitting
  • Saddle cutting and fitting
  • Restringing
  • Cleaning/polishing


We also offer (off site)

  • Acoustic body repairs
  • Refrets


We do not undertake electronic work, such as amplifier repairs, this is a highly specialist and skilled job. For this we can suggest John Presley at Brighton Electric, or Berni at Southern Amp Services in Saltdean (01273 805080)


  • Bone blank

  • Width cut

  • Height gauge

  • Radius and Chamfer

  • String spacing

  • String size slots

  • Dry fit

  • Finished nut fitted

  • Neck straightened and masked

  • First pass showing wear pattern

  • Second pass..a touch more needed here!

  • First profile vs levelled fret (on left)

  • Initial profile and crowning

  • First polish grade

  • Fine polishing stage

  • Finished job