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Vintage V6 Thomas Blug Signature Electric Guitar ~ Distressed Vintage White

Vintage V6 Thomas Blug Signature Electric Guitar ~ Distressed Vintage White

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The V6MRTBG is a unique instrument, built to the exacting specifications of German guitar giant Thomas Blug.

Blug is renowned throughout the music industry as a Tonemeister, a player who appreciates and understands sound on a profound level. As such, any Thomas Blug signature guitar had to be capable of producing a wealth of tones and timbres. As well as his finely-tuned auditory abilities, Thomas is famed for his innate sense of expression, his touch on the instrument, and the varied influences which inform his world-class playing style. The task was set to produce a guitar that provided both an expansive tonal palette and the high level of playability and versatility required in a professional electric guitar.

The V6MRTBG is the result of a collaborative project between Herr Blug and the Vintage design team; a signature guitar, tweaked and refined by a finite degree to satisfy the most discriminating ear. The V6MRTBG combines the looks and feel of Thomas's long-favoured '61 guitar, with a series of contemporary design tweaks and modern technological advancements. Authentic 60s style aluminium shielding under scratchplate reduces hum and static noise, while Thomas' 'Bukka' switch provides access to extra tones via a push-push tone control.

“Outstanding,” says Thomas. “Designing and tweaking every part of this guitar has been labour of love. To achieve all this, in an instrument which literally anyone can afford, even a first time buyer, it's unbelievable.”

V6 Features:

American alder body provides resonance, tone and ‘correct weight’ comfort, enhanced with correctly radiused contoured body.


The Wilkinson WVC vibrato bridge featured on the Vintage V6 is a masterpiece of detail. Positive location, 6 screw design provides return to pitch accuracy; perpendicular bend, high grade steel saddles enhance tonality and ‘snap’. Ground base plate corner provides authentic looks. Stagger drilled cast block significantly enhances return to pitch accuracy and classic vintage tone. The ‘push-in’ Delrin-bushed arm with variable tension provides the arm feel that suits your style.

Balanced set of Wilkinson WVS vintage-voiced Alnico V pickups, with staggered, chamfered edge pole pieces, for authentic tone and contemporary power. Reverse wound, reverse polarity centre pickup provides hum-cancelling in switch position 2 and 4.


Single master Volume control, with tone control for the bridge and neck pickup.

Machine heads:
Wilkinson WJ55 patented E-Z-Lok tuners. Simple, effective locking action for increased tuning stability. Staggered string post heights provide correct string rake angle for smooth vibrato action and correct playing tension.

Hard rock Maple with classic Vintage ‘soft C’ profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel.


7.5" radius Rosewood fingerboard provides positive feel and superior playability.

21 Medium profile frets increase comfort, accuracy and overall positive feel of the Vintage V6.

Scale Length:
25.5" / 648mm.

43mm GraphTech® nut, facilitates smooth string bending and friction-free vibrato use.

Classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal.

The V6MRTB Thomas Blug signature guitar is an original Vintage® ICON Series™ guitar created by Thomas Blug and the UK Vintage design team.

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