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Vintage AMG Resonator Guitar ~ Chrome

Vintage AMG Resonator Guitar ~ Chrome

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Who would have thought, from their conception during the mid 1920’s, resonator guitars would remain immune to fashion and musical trends, and still be as popular today than ever before. 

The Vintage AMG1 acoustic resonator guitar is constructed from the finest materials, to create both cosmetically and audibly, accurate representations of these unique guitars. With a beautifully chromed steel body, the AMG1 delivers that unmistakable warm metallic, sustaining resonator tone from a single, 9 ½” cone, spun from high grade aluminium.

The first resonator guitars were created in the days before amplification, so acoustic guitars could compete with other instruments, horns and percussion instruments in dance orchestras for example. The Vintage AMG1 maintains tradition with a loud voice and projection ideally suited to country, blues, bluegrass, Hawaiian finger picking and slide styles with rich, full chords and soaring lead notes. 

Like all high quality resonator guitars, the ‘biscuit’ bridge is constructed from top grade maple, whilst a precision cut nut offers comfortable string spacing over the fingerboard, with the round Eastern mahogany neck joining the body at the 14th fret, in traditional ‘reso’ style. 

With an enclosed headstock design and matching chrome covered machine heads, diamond pattern speaker cover plate, period style tailpiece and f-hole body designs, the Vintage AMG1 chrome resonator is indeed, a shining example of the Vintage design team’s relentless quest for innovation, authentic tone and outstanding playability. Play on.

AMG1 Features


Aluminium spun cone, 1 x 9.5" cone.

Eastern mahogany.

Scale length:
630mm/ 24.8".

Maple biscuit.

Machine heads:
Chrome die cast.

High quality USA made.


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