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Tokai Hard Puncher 1982 All original Japanese

Tokai Hard Puncher 1982 All original Japanese

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Over the last decade players have realised the incredible quality of this law suit era of Japanese guitars that hail from the FujiGen and Gakki factories.
This one is quite a significant guitar as it was produced in very early 1982 (determined by the law suit logo) the year Fender had these Japanese factories produce the fabled "JV" series. In reality they are the same basic guitar, badged for whoever placed the orders!

So that history less aside, this is a spectacular P-Bass and a true vintage piece of Japanese nostalgia. Finished in nitro the classic 3 tone sunburst is still fresh and unfaded, I feel this one has been stored for many years. I have stripped in down serviced everything fitted new strings and it is in remarkable shape, all is working as it should and it compares well to high end USA guitars without question.

The condition is very nice indeed, just lightly "aged" with subtle marks visible at close quarters, something the "relics" can never quite mimic exactly.

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