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Jooky 2011 Unique UK made Tele custom No34

Jooky 2011 Unique UK made Tele custom No34

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Yes it looks bat sh*t crazy, which is just as well, as that is exactly what 'Jooky" were all about! They ceased production but will make a model for special occasions. Every guitar made was different, designed to look rough and ready with a great feel and attitude.

These have got a bit of a cult following now and there were never big numbers made, so they very rarely are seen for sale. This one has all the paperwork produced by Jooky that accompanied the guitar from new, with its production dates, full spec and lots of interesting thoughts and ideas behind the model.

If you Google Jooky guitars you can find quite a lot of info still. This one with gold leaf "worn" body features a PRS SE Soapbar and a bare knuckles Holy Sinner pickups ina. tele custom set up guitar. It looks crazy, but plays remarkably well!

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