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Guild Starfire II Hoboken New Jersey 1969 Original!

Guild Starfire II Hoboken New Jersey 1969 Original!

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The Starfire has been one of those guitars that are so good they have remained in production for decades while getting over shadowed by Gibson semis. BUT....those that know about Guild realise just how good these guitars are, and near original vintage examples like this one are darn scarce!

This one is a 1969 Starfire II, with early Bigsby fitted. It does have the original Guild tailpiece included, which looks new! The Starfire III was the same model with a Guild "bigsby" tail.

Aside from one replacement tuner (period correct) this is all original and in the perfect condition, not mint yet not heavily worn, just exactly how a vintage guitar should look and feel. The trans cherry burst has aged to perfection and adds to the appeal. It plays remarkably well with an easy action. All electrics are working fine and frets are excellent. This really is the ideal vintage guitar as it fits into both player, and collector categories.

Comes with more modern hard case.

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