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Gretsch G7594 White Falcon II Japanese 2005 Cased, COA

Gretsch G7594 White Falcon II Japanese 2005 Cased, COA

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If you could only hang one guitar on the wall, it would have to be this one, it is a work of art. Thankfully it does not stop at looks alone, this Japanese made Gretsch is built to the most exacting standards which results in the most playable guitar money can buy.

Considering these have a bigsby and shallow break angle, they still manage to out perform most all other guitars, even with a slinky low action. We set this one up with Ernies "Ultra slinky" set which is a 11/10 set hybrid and lowered the bridge, and it is a killer guitar to play, clean and loud and ...well just perfect!

The controls are quite interesting as you have the following - 

  1. Pickup Selector: 3 way toggle switch for selecting the pickup position (rear for neck, middle for mixed, front for bridge).
  2. Master Tone Selector: 3 way toggle tone control switch so that the tone can be selected from three settings. The rear position emphasizes bass, the middle is neutral and the front offers a slight high-frequency roll-off.
  3. Master Volume: For adjusting overall volume.
  4. Neck Pickup Volume: For controlling the neck pickup volume.
  5. Bridge Pickup Volume: For controlling the bridge pickup volume.
  6. Standby:  3 way toggle in the center position, no sound is produced, regardless of the volume controls. Sound is produced when switched to either side position.

This 2005 example is immaculate as you can see and comes with the Gretsch fitted hard case and supporting paperwork. The gold plating has worn as these do with use, but man it is a true thing of beauty!

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