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SALE Fret King Country Squier Music Row Blk B Stock

SALE Fret King Country Squier Music Row Blk B Stock

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Whoooa...what is happening here? Another mind blowing creation from Fret King, this is the "Music Row" model with a twin single coil at the neck, single coil in the mid and a stacked single coil at the bridge, giving endless tonal variations. This one is a brand new "B" stock guitar so we offer it in our used section..even though is hasn't been (used that is)! The B stock refers to minor cosmetic flaws, some impossible to spot but I have photographed anything showing in the galley for you. At the end of the day you can grab a killer bargain with 30% off and still have a new guitar.
So what goes on with those pickups and switching....this is what Fret King have to say -
A carefully curated set of Fret-King pickups enables the Country Squire Music Row to deliver a richly abundant variety of absolute classic tones.

The custom designed Fret-King vintage voiced Country Road™ covered neck single coil “pair”, mounted in a genuine Bakelite pickguard with bevelled edges, are configured as a traditional hum cancelling pickup. The high output Dallas Special™ middle position single coil and tappable overwound Tapped-Fifty™ single coil bridge pickup, all created by Trev Wilkinson, give the Country Squire Music Row a very interesting edge.

For maximum performance and versatility, the Country Squire Music Row features a five way selector switch on an ergonomicaly designed angled switch plate, master volume, master tone, and Fret-King’s unique Varicoil™ control which progressively winds the neck single coil ‘pair’ to just the neck coil, and in the tapped bridge pickup, brings in or out of play a series of additional winds which allow the pickup to segue seamlessley between a classic ‘50’s tone to a more contemporary “Southern Hot”. The five way allows for all the usual permutations including the classic out of phase settings, and then some.

Control Functions:
• Ergonomic five-way lever switch selects neck pair, neck single and middle out of phase, middle only, middle and bridge out of phase or bridge pickup.
• Master Volume.
• Tone Control: Outer control master tone, inner control, Varicoil progressively rolls neck pair of Country Road™ pickups to the neck position Country Road and/or adds/subtracts the additional winds in the Tapped Fifty bridge pickup.

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