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Fret King Corona Custom - Ventura Green

Fret King Corona Custom - Ventura Green

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Well, if you can't get your tone out of this guitar, then maybe consider taking up the recorder!

Seriously this is one of the most versatile guitars on todays market, the pickups are a stacked P90, a single coil and a tapped humbucker. The 5 way works as a standard Strat, but the middle push/push engages extra pickup options, so positions 1 and 5 give you neck and bridge together, and then positions 2 and 4 give you all 3 pickups. You then have another push/push on the 2nd tone pot, which splits both humbucker and stacked P90. I hope you are following this!

All that aside the Fret King guitars are a well made, gig worthy instrument, with Wilkinson hardware. The neck is a satin finish on the back for comfort, making this one of those guitars you can please with ease for hours.

This one is on a very special deal too, so don't miss out, because once its sold, we cannot repeat this deal.

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