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FGN Iliad Boudary FujiGen Japan 3 tone sunburst

FGN Iliad Boudary FujiGen Japan 3 tone sunburst

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I truly believe you cannot buy a better guitar for this price point, now thats quite a statement - so can I justify it? Well to kick off this is made at the legendary FujiGen plant, quite probably the best maker of all time.

This fabulous Iliad model is the entry level when it comes to price, but certainly not when it comes to spec and playability. You have a comfortable "T" style guitar with supreme finishing, gotoh hardware and FGN's own incredible pickups, all wrapped up in an FGN branded quality gig bag.

These are fitted with the circle fretting system to ensure perfect intonation across all strings and fret positions, and the classic pair of single coil pickups for all the twang you will ever need.
Just look at any other new Japanese made guitar on todays market and you can see these simply wipe the floor with others in all aspects, what an amazing guitar these are!

  • Contoured Basswood Body — A light/medium-weight material that produces a balanced and full sound. It comes enhanced with a deep belly-cut for improved playing comfort.
  • Maple "U"-Shaped Neck — Inspired by early '50s "Golden Era" guitars, the Iliad's neck is shaped to a "U" profile which makes it suitable for players after a supportive feel.
  • Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.) — An FGN innovation that's intended to offer better pitch and articulation than conventional guitars and basses. All frets are installed in a slightly curved shape, to ensure that each string and fret intersect at right angles. This minimises the contact surface and makes the scale length of every string even; allowing you to obtain more accurate pitch, longer sustain, and true harmonics.
  • 10-14" Compound Radius Fingerboard — This ergonomic fingerboard radius is slightly rounded at the lower end of the neck to make chords easier to fret, and flattens out the higher you go so that fast passages feel much easier to play. This forward-thinking design also helps to prevent string bends from fretting out!
  • J-Standard Fret Edge Treatment — The 22 medium-sized frets have undergone FGN's 'J-Standard Fret Edge Treatment', which means that the fret edges have been gently rolled to provide a smooth "played-in" feel.
  • FGN 6-Saddle Bridge — The proprietary bridge adheres to the classic T-style design, albeit featuring 6 individual string saddles that allow for precise action and intonation adjustments.
  • Gotoh Vintage-Style Tuners — The FGN Boundary Iliad BIL2M has been equipped with a set of reliable, Japanese-made Gotoh machine heads that'll keep your tuning solid and stable.
  • Included Gig Bag — Easily transport the FGN Boundary Iliad to your next show or jam session with the robust, included soft case!


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