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Fender USA Highway 1 Telecaster 2009

Fender USA Highway 1 Telecaster 2009

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Recently these fabulous USA models have been realised for what they are.....fabulous USA models! When released Fender made a Telecaster and Start standard but finished them in thin coat Nitro. This was meant to be a cost saving and seen as a budget process, but was soon seen to be a great thing, these naturally relic'd within a year or so. The original satin finishes glossed up from handling and the result was a custom shop looking guitar, for the lowest USA model price!

This one, as you can see was taken a little further! After areas of nitro had rubbed away, a former owner rubber it back and removed 80% of the finish on the top of the guitar, leaving a unique look. Now love it or hate it, what you have is a great USA standard Tele here, at a great price.
It has just been serviced and set up, everything is working fine, very minimal fret wear, its a perfect players Tele, no frills just tonal class!

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