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Fender Stratocaster standard 2007 Mexico

Fender Stratocaster standard 2007 Mexico

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If there was ever a "standard" Fender I would have to say this is in the top running, a fabulous black Stratocaster with rosewood neck, the all time three single coil guitar with such a huge palette of tones.

This one is 17 years old and in very clean condition indeed, fully working with no fret/electric/hardware issues at all. There is a small paint chip (colour filled) on the neck pocket, common to 80% of all Fender Strats.

This one is standard configuration with a 5 way switch giving you neck/neck & middle/middle/middle and bridge/bridge options. These have a tone control for neck and middle pickups, but a simple mod can also include the bridge.

So a real reliable workhorse suited for any occasion, live, studio or home use.

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