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Fender Japanese Stratocaster 1988 Torino Red

Fender Japanese Stratocaster 1988 Torino Red

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We just love it when a holy grail guitar comes through the door, and what a beauty this one is, from the peak Japanese era this is the highly collectible 1988 Stratocaster "standard" in fabulous Torino Red. 

Asides from an upgrade to a graphtech nut it looks to be all original, and one of the most honest, clean example I have seen. Very little marking, no chips or neck pocket cracks, no fret wear and a clear maple board with 99% of the lacquer unmarked.

It has just come off of our work bench following a clean and set up, strung with hybrid strings (9-46). It plays like a vintage Strat should, amazing old school flat pole single coils with a 50's tonal range, what a treat this guitar is!

Yes...I know there are a couple on the bet asking well over £1,000, but you know us better than that by now, lets keep things grounded shall we!


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