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Burny RSA 70 Cherry dot inlay semi

Burny RSA 70 Cherry dot inlay semi

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Burny are part of the Fernandes family and have been making amazing guitars since the 70's, and in todays market produce instruments that beat the competition hands down, pound for pound.

There are a whole range of brands out there offering this blues/jazz style semi, but you would need to go some to beat these Burny models in value for money, with a high quality traditional build they represent unrivalled value.

The classic twin humbucker set up with 3 way toggle selector and individual volume and tone controls per pickup, and finished in the most famous "335" colour - cherry red!

We always have a great deal on these being one of the UK's top Burny dealers, so you are assured of a bargain..and a great guitar, ideal for live, studio or indeed bedroom posing!


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