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Yamaki YST-450 B 1976/7 Japanese Stratocaster

Yamaki YST-450 B 1976/7 Japanese Stratocaster

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This is a very interesting vintage Japanese Strat, this is from the Yamaki factory who also made under other names like JooDee and associated with Greco.

This lovely YST450 has the very unusual "Epochal Rod System" which is a gear box on the end of the truss rod making the adjustment turn through 90 degrees and having it accessible through the back huh!

This is a good honest example, I think the tuners were upgraded in the 70's but the electrics are original with grey bobbin pickups. It has the 5 way pickup selector and as you can see it also sports a CBS style headstock.

It does have dings and natural wear around the body, the neck has faded to a gorgeous golden colour now. The frets are fairly low but it plays extremely indeed and will not need a re-fret for a good few years yet!

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