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Yamaha SA-60 70's all original with OHSC!

Yamaha SA-60 70's all original with OHSC!

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Now this really is a vintage thing of beauty. Yamaha have always build instruments to the highest standard, and during the 70's the designs and quality were second to none.

The SA range is a collection of fine semi hollow electrics built to exacting standards that put modern day, similar styles to shame. This natural finished version is all original and very tidy. It has obviously been well loved over its 50 years of playing.

The frets are original as far as I can see, they are quite low, but the guitar plays perfectly and has years of life in it yet before needing a re-fret.

All electrics and good and it has just been fully serviced and set up on our work bench here at Badlands. It also has the original Yamaha fitted hard case, which is a lovely bonus.

So if you want something a little different, in the "335" style, which is both vintage and top notch quality, without paying a mortgage, this is ideal!

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