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Vox AC30 1966 original grey panel silver bell speakers

Vox AC30 1966 original grey panel silver bell speakers

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Looks can be deceptive, 'tis very true - if you were to simply look at the front of this combo, I reckon most folk would consider it to be a fairly new Vox AC30.

Well the AC30 bit is correct, but as to the age...stunning as it may appear, this fabulous example is an original 1966 model with grey panel and silver bell Vox cones, and what a thing of beauty it is!
We have just had this fully serviced, it needed just 2 valves and 2 caps replacing. It still has the original cover and foot switch. We did have to fit a replacement side handle.
Now I honestly think you will seriously struggle to find another so clean and original as this one, and I have researched the prices being asked...well I do like a laugh now and then! They range from £2k for a tatty 70's example up to an eye watering £3750 for a '65.
Those reading this probably know us well enough by now to predict what comes next, this one (probably the best AC30 in the world...according to Carlsberg) is up for a crazy good buy it and use it live, treasure it in a studio, piss off the neighbours...whatever you choose it is 100% a nice investment too!
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