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USED SubZero Critical Mass Distortion

USED SubZero Critical Mass Distortion

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The SubZero Critical Mass Distortion Pedal takes your gain up a level while adding immaculate articulation and a rich dynamic response. Don't be deceived by its simplistic layout, this pedal is incredibly versatile. You'll be able to achieve a wide range of tones from smooth saturation to high-gain grit.

With an interface consisting of three knobs and a toggle switch, dialling in the perfect tone couldn't be easier. Use the switch to flick between 'Soft', 'Normal', and 'Tense' to find the most suitable voicing and then use the controls to fine-tune your dream distortion tone.

The Critical Mass is a gain machine as well suited to articulate lead playing as it is high-gain chugging. As the pedal says, just "Apply Mass" to the footswitch and you're away.

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