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USED OneControl Tri Loop Loopswitcher

USED OneControl Tri Loop Loopswitcher

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The One Control Tri loop is like a Swiss Army Knife for your pedalboard. This ingenious utility pedal can be initialised as a multi-purpose looper/switcher/footswitch — unlocking the full potential of your amp and effects rig!

Employ the Tri Loop as an A/B switch for multi-amp stage setups, use it as a true bypass pedal looper to achieve a purer guitar tone, make it a replacement channel footswitch for your amplifier, or use it as a tempo tap for your delay effects. A 4-colour LED indicator makes it clear which mode you're in, and the Tri Loop is true bypass when not engaged to ensure that your tone remains uncoloured. However, a high-quality switchable buffer provides added insurance against treble loss through long cable runs.

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