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USED Mesa Boogie Stowaway Buffer

USED Mesa Boogie Stowaway Buffer

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Even a large rig and pedal board is impressive, all those pedals and cables will be degrading the signal. The Mesa Boogie Stowaway Buffer is a 100 discrete Class-A input buffer for your pedal board. By placing it at the start of your pedal board's signal path you can be assured that you'll be getting the best possible sound out of the other end. The Stowaway keeps your sound crisp and clear all the way through it's journey. All many of things can affect the signal - impedance mismatching, input impedance from pedals and their interconnecting cables - so make sure to keep it in top condition. It's small too, so it can easily slot into any pedal board situation. Whether you have three pedals or nine, sneak aboard a Stowaway to keep your signal - and your tone - safe from harm.

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