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USED Earthquaker Ghost Echo Analog/Digital Spring Reverb Emulator V2

USED Earthquaker Ghost Echo Analog/Digital Spring Reverb Emulator V2

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Here we have a very clean used example of this amazing pedal from Earthquaker, these have been a massive hit since launching as they offer something a bit different from the usual delay/reverb options.

Very clean, all working perfectly, no velcro attached.

A Creepy Analog/Digital Spring Reverb Emulator

As a spooky-sounding recreation of the amp-top spring reverberation units of a bygone era, this phenomenal little reverb unit can give you all of the echoey goodness you need and more. The secret lies firmly within the murky depths of the Ghost Echo's control knobs.

  • Depth is where you set the intensity of the reverb, making the ambience as fat or delicate as you want
  • Dwell adjusts the length and thickness of the decay, letting you state just how long the echo continues for
  • Attack controlls the pre-delay time, with anything from 30ms-150ms being available to you, changing your output between a quick rockabilly slapback sound and a thick, bouncy, echo-laden cavernous ambience

As is the case with all EarthQuaker Pedals, the Ghost Echo is highly effective and fun to use, but also incredibly user friendly: you don't need a PhD in advanced engineering to get your head around how it works!

  • Controls: Depth, Dwell and Attack
  • Power: 9v DC
  • Dimensions: 4.652" x 2.5" x 2.25" with knobs

As with all pedals from EarthQuaker Devices, the Ghost Echo Reverb Pedal takes a 9v DC power supply with negative centre barrel. We always recommend pedal-specific, transformer-isolated wall-wart power adapters with pedals, as they filter out any unwanted noise from unclean power signals.

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