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Squier Telecaster Custom Classic Vibe 70's

Squier Telecaster Custom Classic Vibe 70's

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From the rollercoaster of quality that is Squier, we have a highlight! This is a fab model from the highly respected "Classic Vibe" range, a series from Squier that stood out head and shoulders above the standard lines.

What a model to pick too...the Telecaster custom, mashing up a neck wide range pickup with the traditional cutting single coil at the bridge, the elongated scratch plate that takes in the 4 knobs, which operate like a Les Paul - individual volume and tone per pickup, all run through a 3 way selector.

This is a tidy, honest example. It has gone through our work bench and is all up and running as it should. While these are made under the Squier logo they are more than worthy of being a frontline gig machine.

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