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Squier Korean Stratocaster 1997

Squier Korean Stratocaster 1997

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In the 90's - Squier made a bunch of guitars in Korea. Some of these were... not great, and made of boat anchor weight plywood. I'm glad to report that this is, in fact, NOT one of those! This is a 1997 MIK Strat made of actual solid wood! 😲

The lighting and phone camera make this look black at some angles, but it is in fact a rich dark blue, with cream pickguard and off-white plastics.
It's not in bad nick for being over 26 years old, with just a small paint chip on the lower body and some minimal scratches to report, alongside some very minimal fret wear which you'd expect from it being lightly played over the last couple decades (nowhere ear needing any fret work though!).

Still a cracking deal if you want a decent Strat under 200 🦑
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