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Squier custom build Esquire - Seymour Duncan

Squier custom build Esquire - Seymour Duncan

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This complete animal of a Tele started life as a higher end Squier "standard series" Telecaster in metallic red. These are well above current MIM Fenders in my humble opinion.

Since new it has lived a life, gone off the radar, lived on the streets and became a project back up guitar, still performing a great duty but much under rated. So, again the dynamic duo set about something a bit special. It is now a Badlands "Bust-em" shop Esquire with an ASBO.
The finish has been re-worked and now relic'd to show the various past lives from red to white, then silver then white again, this top finish is satin white and will mark up with ease...ok you can also polish off those marks but that isn't very rock-n-roll is it now?
Now the clever bit, Ed has done a pro rewire with CTS pots, CRL switch and Pure tone multi contact jack, but this one has a secret weapon! That beast of a hot rails at the bridge is wired into the 3 way selector for coil split, parallel and series settings, making this a versatile Telesaurus.
The necks on these standards are exceptional, so we have spent some time and effort making this one perfect, it has been conditioned, antiqued and oiled, frets polished and the neck set to perfection.
So a super custom build, it's gotta be a fortune right? Nah, come on guys, this is Badlands Guitars, grab it quick and give it a whole new life.
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