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Badlands Guitars Limited

Squier 1983 SQ Series High end Parts Stratocaster.

Squier 1983 SQ Series High end Parts Stratocaster.

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 Big question - is there life after death?

Well, at Badlands the answer is a huge "Hell yeah"! ready for a story...well cozy up by a nice warm valve amp, cuddle into your favourite gig bag and here we go.
This miracle guitar, a few days ago both pretty much doomed to the skip, unloved, abused as children and very neglected since. But then....."Mighty Mender Man" AKA Ed, and "Fat Fender Firkler" AKA Graham came to their rescue, and now we have two unique exceptional guitars (oh theres another one on the way, but that will have to wait for another day)
It started life in 1983 in Japan, a legendary "SQ" serial number Squier 70's reissue Strat, the same guitar as the JVs, but made for a different global distribution area. Since its glory days it has been routed for an H/S/H plate and all electrics and scratch plate long gone.
Found in a charity shop in a very sad state., the tuners have been upgraded in the past to Grovers. The dynamic duo have fitted a new H/S/S Fender guard, loaded with a Seymour Duncan vintage 59 PAF humbucker and 2 x Seymour Duncan California 50's single coils, professional USA wiring loom with CTS pots, CRL switch and switchcraft jack, orange drop cap and vintage cloth wax wiring.
The tone mod has been added to give tone on all 3 pickups. It has been cleaned, the fretboard (oh...what a board, look at that rosewood!) conditioned and oiled. It is fully set up now with 10's, intonation is spot on and it sits 2mm on the low E and 1.5 on the high E at the 12th fret. Minimal fret wear, but remember, these are 41 years old! It now plays well and sounds incredible, dare I say it, it could rival a USA Custom shop Strat without too much effort!
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