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PRS Custom 22 Bird inlays 2002

PRS Custom 22 Bird inlays 2002

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I have to say that as a rule, a lot of PRS owners do keep them on the wall looking pretty, but now and we see a players example, and that is exactly what we have here. A beautiful full on, real McCoy PRS Custom 22, with flam top and bird inlays.

As you can see from the images it has some dings around the edges and the metal mice have had a nibble on the back, so it is in played, but very honest condition. There are no issues other than cosmetics. I have had this one on the bench and polished the frets, given it a deep clean and set up. It currently has a very low action that plays without choking or buzzing.

It comes with a fitted PRS case, again this is a touch grubby from use, but very sturdy and locks well. No other paperwork etc, it comes as seen here.


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