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Orange PCP212 Guitar 2 x 12" cabinet

Orange PCP212 Guitar 2 x 12" cabinet

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Here we have an excellent condition Orange PCP 2x12 cab which comes complete with padded Orange fitted cover. This one is on 4 casters.

Here are the official works from Orange themselves - 

The Orange PPC212 is an imposing closed-back 2×12″ cabinet equal in width to the full PPC412. Wit its dual Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, the PPC212 is in essence the classic 4×12 slashed in half. The large internal volume of the sealed enclosure makes the PPC212 ideal for players looking for the the fattest possible tone when a 4×12″ would be too large. 

Many players choose to stack two PPC212 cabs for ease of load-in, also giving them the flexibility of using just one for smaller venues. Made in England from high density 13 ply 18mm Baltic birch plywood, the PPC212 is fitted with steel hardware to withstand the rigours of the road. Orange's unique skid runners are fitted to the base to help to acoustically couple cab to the stage for a fuller low end response.

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