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Marshall DSL40C Valve combo

Marshall DSL40C Valve combo

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The Marshall DSL40C is based around a modern classic. The original JCM2000 DSL401. Starting from such a strong strong pedigree the Marshall DSL 40 is becoming the goto Combo for those that want straight up, no fuss pure Marshall rock.
This is a great way to get that Marshall tone without taking out a mortgage! This is an immaculate used example, never gigged, and working perfectly.

The DSL40C is a 40-watt guitar combo amp that gives you the definitive essence of British tubularity. Reigning supreme for a decade, the DSL series enjoyed worldwide acclaim. So with a nod to the pent-up player demand, Marshall re-envisioned and reintroduced the tube DSL Series. Amazingly affordable, the DSL40C Dual Super Lead combo fortifies your tone arsenal with impressive power, the tastiest tonal qualities, and features from both modern and vintage Marshals - in one highly tweakable and portable package. 

The DSL40C is critically acclaimed and shares many of its great features the 100 Watt DSL flagship: footswitchable Classic/Ultra drive channels, rear panel Pentode/Triode switch (40 Watt down to 20 Watt) which drops the output gain letting you push things a little more easily whilst shifting the amp's tonal palette, and a rear panel series FX Loop.

From glassy cleans to bone-rattling crunch to blistering high gain, your wish is your command

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