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Kurt Ballou owned touring/studio Fender Warmoth Jazzmaster

Kurt Ballou owned touring/studio Fender Warmoth Jazzmaster

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So, it you were into underground metal in the 90's then "Converge" may well have been on your radar as they were one of the top USA bands of the era. Guitarist and recording engineer Kurt Ballou is their guitarist, and this is one of his guitars. It was used on tours and as a studio guitar. The last picture is an IG image is from his Dec 1st 2019 posting.

The pickup options offer on/off for each individual pickup, plus in/out of phase and series/parallel switching.

It is loaded with 3 incredible EGC pickups, modelled around the G&L MFD designed units, so while they look like a classic P90they deliver a whole lot more, hence the ability to install the switching options seen on this one. These are near impossible to find/buy.

As you can see this one has a Japanese Jazzmaster neck and a Warmoth body which bears some battle scars. It is a monster of a guitar in performance, and weight, coming in at 10.9lb.

There is a chance we can source the original Reverb sales listing from its former owner who bought it directly from Kurt in the USA.

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