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iSet Cube Baby Multi-Effect/Amp Sim

iSet Cube Baby Multi-Effect/Amp Sim

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Preset 3 sets of original tone, users can edit tone and save, simple and intuitive operation.
Contained 9 classic IR, 2 modulation effects(chorus, phase shift), 1 tape delay, 1 reverb effect, 8 classic IR box models and a tuner.
Supports mobile phone recording and wireless music playback function, with 3.5mm headphone output for more clear listening and monitoring.
USB port built-in audio interface function, can be connected to the computer for recording playback and import third party IR CAB.
Built-in rechargeable battery, which solves the problem of long distance power supply. Go where cables can't go!
Small size and portable, good performance and excellent sound, the combined effects pedal could be a good partner of your guitar.

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