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Hughes & Kettner Spirit of Vintage

Hughes & Kettner Spirit of Vintage

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The Spirit Tone Generator, an award-winning technology from Hughes & Kettner, is now available in a powerful & compact version. Introducing the Spirit Nano Head! The Spirit Nano Head is one of three models. The single-channel "Spirit of Vintage" clean, blues and crunch sounds deliver that authentic Hughes & Kettner tone. The Spirit of Vintage is your go-to sidekick for your living room, home studio, rehearsal space and, as a backup, on stage.

This amp’s astonishing power output belies its miniature format. Pumping out up to 50 watts at 4 ohms, it delivers plenty of juice to drive even a 4×12″ cab. Alongside Gain, Tone and Master knobs, the Nano Head offers a unique Sagging control that dials in delectable power amp saturation.

Turning the dials ever so slightly is all it takes to experience the authentic feel and responsiveness of a power amp pushed to its sweet spot – with zero latency and no compromises. Featuring a Headphones Out, a RedBox and an Aux-In for jamming along with tracks. 

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