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Gurian S3M 1974 Paul Simon Acoustic

Gurian S3M 1974 Paul Simon Acoustic

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This is a very special vintage pice indeed. These Gurian guitars were made from 1971 to 1979, all individually luthier build from scratch with the best solid timbers.

The factory had a fire in '79, tried to make a come back but closed in 1981, Mr Gurian now supplies timber to various industries!
This model is the one used y Paul Simon as his most famous acoustic, and that is not surprising, it is a triple "O" body with perfect balance, no low or high bias, and a strong projection. It is amazing just acoustically played and will be stunning for recording.

This is from around 1974, in very good condition for its age, just fully serviced it plays like a dream. Comes with period hard case.

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