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Gibson 335S Firebrand 1980

Gibson 335S Firebrand 1980

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Wow, you don't get to see one of these every day do you! This was Gibsons move to create a range of alternative designs from the SG and Les Pauls, the era saw models like the Marauder, Grabber and ripper basses, Corvus and others, including this 335 "solid" with the branded headstock logo.

This is a great example, fantastic aging but thank fully no issues, all electrics are good as is the hardware. The frets look to be original and are obviously quite a bit lower than new, but it plays correctly without choking. 

The electric set up is similar to a Les Paul with a 3 way pickup selector and independent volume and tone controls per pickup.
This is a true vintage Gibson at 44 years old and in real terms remarkable value, and clearly an investment guitar.

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