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Fret King Esprit P90 Gunhill Blue

Fret King Esprit P90 Gunhill Blue

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This used Esprit is such fun, a really simple yet versatile guitar with attitude by the bucket load. The P90 is stacked with a 3rd control to roll it from stacked to single coil P90, it is a rockers dream! This one is immaculate with very minor play wear and comes with a fitted gig bag (one of the two zip tags is broken but it works fine)

These retail at £599, so this lovely example is a killer deal.

Iconic styling, oh-so-familiar, yet somehow different, best describes the Fret-King Black Label Esprit.

The distinctive reversed six-a-side in-line peghead and striking asymmetric body with signature pickguard all add up to a statement of style with individuality and attitude to spare.

The single pickup Esprit I is a stripped down, no-nonsense rock 'n' roll machine.

The long tenon set-neck construction, combining a three-piece centre block agathis body with fast-playing maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, creates a solid platform for you to build your Esprit I's tone.

The reverse string tension and single Fret-King WP90SK stacked pickup mounted hard up against the chromed aluminium GTB Lite wrap over tailpiece bridge let the Esprit I sing, scream, wail, moan and roar! Tamed with master volume, mutated with master tone and nuanced with the Fret-King Vari-coil control, this is a guitar that has subtlety as well as shredding power; the Esprit I just begs to be thrashed!

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