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Fender Standard Telecaster 2000 Mexico

Fender Standard Telecaster 2000 Mexico

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The guitar that can be seen in every single music genre...the Fender Telecaster, the ultimate work horse! This rather lush year 2000 standard Mexican tele is finished in midnight blue, which works perfectly with the maple fingerboard. So it looks great...that's a prefect start point.

Thankfully it doesn't stop there, we had this one on the service bench, stripped it down and set it up paying attention to all electrics and hardware and it is a very nice guitar.

being 24 years old now it is not what I would call mint, as there are some light scratched to the finish, but as you can see from the pictures, these are very light and difficult to pick out. Being a "standard" you get the classic pair of single coils with very different "voices" much darker in the neck and sharp & twangy at the bridge, plus all stops in between thanks to the 3 way switch and the tone control...YES....the tone control, never ignore it!

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