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Badlands Guitars Limited

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special

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This Mexican made special edition Jazzmaster has become a firm favourite with offset players, it combines the true P90 pickups with a modern twist in the tune-o-matic bridge, which is a great idea. So now it is a reliable solid guitar without tuning issues.

This one has had an upgraded wiring loom fitted with all top spec parts, CTS, Switchcraft etc and plastics swapped out to black, so it really. is a lovely instrument now. It has been fully serviced and set up and is ready to be enjoyed once again.

The back of the neck has been given the Badlands special treatment, de-glossing it and now it is as smooth and slick as you will ever feel. Overall condition, as you can see is very tidy with a couple of small marks from use. All frets, hardware and electrics are good.

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