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Fender 2003 Toronado Deluxe Mexican

Fender 2003 Toronado Deluxe Mexican

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Now this is a very interesting guitar indeed. The Toronado model has been made in Korea, Mexico and the USA, but in very low numbers and limited production runs, as a result, virtually none surface. 

The models and specs are confusing to say the least when you "Google" them! We have spent a long time nailing down this particular guitar and it is a 2004 model, made in late 2003 (hence the 2003 serial number)
The open pickup model with small scratch plated was run from 2004 to 2006. It features the ultra hot Fender "Atomic" humbuckers. The layout is very 'Les Paul" with a 3 way toggle and individual volume and tone controls per pickup.

Overall this one is in good shape for a 20+ year old guitar, just a few minor marks from use, but all frets, electrics and hardware are good. The tailpiece and bridge were upgraded to Gotoh Japanese parts.

It also has a refret with jumbo frets, which is one of the best jobs we have seen, and dare I say it....better than the original! It really is a very rare and excellent guitar which will stand out from the norm.

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