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Badlands Guitars Limited

Fender 2003 Classic 60s Stratocaster (Ratocaster custom)

Fender 2003 Classic 60s Stratocaster (Ratocaster custom)

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This fabulous looking ratty Strat is a Badlands in house custom mod. It came into us as a classic 60s Strat from 2003, but the original white finish had split all over and large pieces had snapped off, and as strange as that may sound, it is not that uncommon!

We have stripped the body, taken it back to the base Alder wood, then stained it. After this we applied a gun stock oil finish, with relic techniques along the way, resulting is a unique worn looking Strat, which actually has hard semi gloss coat now.

All electrics are original and working perfectly, I have added the tone mod to allow tone on all 3 pickups now. The neck has been cleaned and conditioned, and the frets polished. The guitar was then given a full set up with new EB10s fitted and a good action.

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