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Cort Action P/J bass - Cherry

Cort Action P/J bass - Cherry

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 When you buy anything with the Cort name on the headstock, you know you will get better value than many similar looking brands. Why? Because among the 1 million plus guitars made in the CorTek factories of Indonesia and China, models are build for many of the names you know and love so much! These have included Fender, Squier, Ibanez, G&L, Schecter, MusicMan, PRS and more!

So as a result, guitars and basses sold under the Cort brand are cheaper as there is no middle man in the equation!
This is the starter bass from Cort, simply a very playable P/J style with volume for each pickup and a master tone and amazing value. this is a nice used example, with a couple of small marks on the body, otherwise in great shape and a nice saving over a new one!

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