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Badlands Guitars Limited

Burny RSG60-63 Black Electric guitar

Burny RSG60-63 Black Electric guitar

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Born in the law suit era of the late 70s/early 80's Fernandes have been a highly respected brand, Burny was the Japanese name for the guitars and this has been adopted in the UK now too. 

Today these are Chinese built to a very high standard and they really are incredible guitars, sitting between Epiphone and Gibson in finish and quality, making them staggering value, especially when on a Badlands deal!

This one is based on a "soild guitar" design to give it its full name, or simply SG to you and me! These are a double humbucker design with 3 way switching, a thinner body than the LP making it much lighter, also the neck join is totally unhindered and one of the easiest to play up at the dusty end with ease.

This one is gloss black, the second most popular colour for this model, secondto cherry.

What a deal!

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