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SALE B&L German Custom Built "S" Lollar loaded

SALE B&L German Custom Built "S" Lollar loaded

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B&L guitars are hand made customs from the south of Germany, made to exacting standards. This one was bought for just over £2,500 by a "named" UK player when he was gigging regularly in Germany.

This one is a nitro trans blonde loaded with Lollar pickups and all high end electrics and hardware, rivalling any USA Custom Shop option. it has a very nice rosewood board, tight grained and smooth, over a Canadian rock maple neck.

The backplate has been cut to allow access for quick string changes, obviously a replacement could be fitted. There is a mark on the front where your right hand sits and the area of scratch plate near the trem has been cut roughly.

Those cosmetic issues aside it really is a pro end quality Strat. (Ignore the waterslide decal, this was added during its life)

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